Aims to bring out solutions on various contemporary issues on change, technology and research in the society in relevance to Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, General management and various functional areas of an organization and to bring in recommendations to deal with unprecedented challenges.

  • To offer academic and research programs in management and allied disciplines.
  • To offer continuing programmes at different levels in the field of management.
  • To provide an opportunity to students to acquire skills for improving employability and entrepreneurial abilities.
  • To engage in collaborative academic and research activities with domestic and international partners.
  • To learn about different types of business organizations the difficulties involved in running the business. The aspects of law, finance, taxation, marketing, risk, evaluation etc.
  • To improve the decision-making skills and administrative competence of the budding executives.

The Department of Business Administration of Institute of Engineering and Management Jaipur under University of Engineering & Management believes in three-level agenda, first, making a conducive classroom environment, second, dissemination of knowledge and third, the application of knowledge. Apart from regular classroom training, here we offer the management education through innovative pedagogy like business case study sessions, summer, and winter internship programs, research, and value-added programs including industry speaks. We are proud of our pool of faculty members, who are the real torch-bearers of our Department. We believe that management education is incomplete only through textbook teaching. The innovative teaching methodologies adopted by the faculty members offer the students an in-depth knowledge of modern management. It enables them to utilize advanced concepts of management and prepare for key decision-making. We have set up a separate cell for industry-academia interface to make the pedagogy more industry-centric.
From the very inception, this Department has been putting a strong emphasis on the application of management knowledge by organizing business case study competitions, sending students to different management events and organizing management games. The Department has endeavored to project its faculty members as mentors who develop students and stimulate their growth beyond the classroom boundaries. Student’s counseling sessions practiced by the Professors is a part of this mentoring process. We offer special grooming sessions for the job aspirants and for the higher studies. We organize campus placements for the interested students.